Forum Fund is the partner non-profit organization of Hangveto, organizing international training programs on the field of folk music and folk art from the Balkans to Visegrad countries and beyond.

We are leaders of and partners in several international projects: among others we set up World Pitch in Hungary, a music educational pilot project (in Music Moves Europe) with the support of European Union Creative Europe Programmes; we have been organizing a new training course, “”Music as Heritage”” Summer School in the Central Euopean University in 2020 again.


World Pitch

WORLD PITCH is a one-year training programme for young world music professionals under Music Moves Europe in 2019-2020. What we offer is a unique one semester long training course for 10 young professionals already active in the field of world music.



Folk_ME – Folkmusic education for the future generations. The main goal of the project is to channel the European cultural heritage into the Hungarian and international public education.



Music as Heritage: Tradition to Product’ is our successful summer course organized with CEU Cultural Heritage Studies. The first was organized in 2019, and then now our next musical heritage course in 2020 will place the Western Balkan, its intangible heritage and its strong cultural ties to Central and Eastern Europe in its focus.


Central European Music Square

Central European Music Square is a regional platform for international music cooperations and events. It was set up to respond to the prevailing situation in the region after the regime change: the infrastructure for cultural connections collapsed, whatever emerged from the ex-Soviet bloc to the wider international stage was the chance result of a few stakeholders and enthusiasts.