Cimbalom Tutorial

An online video tutorial based on Kálmán Balogh and Dániel Szabó‘s seminal Cimbalomiskola is now available for learners of the complex instrument. A production of Forum for Folk Arts and Hungarian Heritage House, the video tutorial makes individual learning much easier.

Beginners and advanced students alike will appreciate the accessible, well-structured material, where shots from both the side and atop the instrument reveal key information on movements and posture.

The unique arrangement of the strings called for such a series, created by lovers and masters of the instrument. Kálmán Balogh, Dániel Szabó and Endre Liber oversaw the musical content, while Zoltán Dénes was in charge of the filming process.  

30 hours of material was shot in a course of 4 days, about half of which made it to the final tutorial. Tunes are played in both fast-paced and slower versions, to assist learning. Recorded between 11-14 February, 2021 in the studio of the Hungarian Heritage House, the videos perfectly complement and follow Cimbalomiskola, and make the unique instrument much more accessible. Schools and other institutions where cimbalom playing is a subject receive free access, otherwise students may order the course via the webshop of Hungarian Heritage House.

Csoóri Sándor Program and Béla Halmos Program of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary supported the video tutorial.