Folk_ME – Folk music education for the future generations. The main goal of the project is to channel the European cultural heritage into the Hungarian and international public education. The professional team has set the agenda to develop an innovative methodology which would be further developed and tested at an 18-month interval for creating an online educational toolkit. An important antecedent of the project is Polyphony by Miklós Both where hundreds of Ukrainian folk songs were collected with high quality audio and video material. The FolkMe handbook will contain several multimedia content per partner country, ensuring a variety of uses. Its international presentation will take place at the world’s most prestigious world music event, WOMEX, which will take place in Budapest in 2020 – organized by Hangvető.

Our partners:
Sibelius Academy – University of the Arts Helsinki
Lvivi Conservatory named after Nikola Lyushenko
Piranha Arts
Hungarian Institute for Musicology at Hungarian Academy of Sciences